Signature of a contract

balance-1300334_960_720Contract subscription

Genealogist proposes to heir who ignores his own right, to reveal the content of the succession in exchange for a remuneration calculated on the net share basis of the beneficiary.

This principle is also established by the Civil Court, sez. VI, 14 May 2014, n. 10397 according to which:
The atypical contracts by which a trader, […], offers to the unaware beneficiaries to reveal the extremes, must be supported by appropriate ground of justification and it is available only when the information acquisition is not the result of accidental activity but professional, organized for this purpose.
Therefore, the revelation contract ensures to the beneficiary a total absence of financial risks which may arise if the succession is finally source of debts.

Revelation contract isn’t inheritance acceptance. It’ll be signed after making sure through inventory that the heritage active part is higher than the passive one.

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