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In different contexts the intervention of Studio Genealogico Giordanengo can be determinant.

For example, when a relative dies and it is doubtful who is the inheritance beneficiary.

The Study carries out all the necessary researches to identify who are the beneficiary of succession rights in order to prevent disputes. It will also be our duty anticipate all necessary expenses for succession definition in order to avoid any expence for involved families.



In Italy heir produce a self-declarations to adfirm his quality and declare his right on a succession.


If there is some doubts about the declaration truthfulness, notary can receive confirmation from a genealogical research.



justice batiment

In the case of lying inheritance, the curator has to manage goods and liquidate all passive expenses.


Sometimes, in the execution of his duty, he has an interest in finding the beneficiaries and inform about their rights. The Studio Genealogico Giordanengo deals with finding those eligible, justifying the title by collecting all documentation easily closing all proceedings.



home-589068__180Building manager often faces with complex situations in which the expenses related to a disused apartment are not settled for some time.

Maybe the property owner died and they continue to increase without any relative who proposes to pay that. Maybe who was close to the de cuius is not aware of being beneficiary or because none of condos knows deceased relatives.


How to solve the problem and recover all outstanding charges?
After tracing the deceased’s family history, Studio Genealogico Giordanengo will anticipate all due.




In the case of dormant account for a bank or incollected amount for an insurance company, there is need to find heirs and deliver these amounts.


Here is that our cabinet may quickly help resolve these issues.




To get citizenship right, it needs producing all material to certify origins.

But this collection work is not easy to do to everyone.
As member of Italian Experts Board, genealogist can provide all necessary documents in short time.